Governance & Management

TIA’s governance structure is comprised of three divisions: the Board, TIA Management team and the Advisory Committees. The five Advisory Committees provide advice to TIA on specific therapeutic areas. These committees provide forward thinking to TIA in the field of translational health research in relation to emerging needs and opportunities. The overall organisational format of TIA’s governance structure is illustrated by the following figure

Oversight over the management of TIA’s funds and advisory activities is fundamental to TIA’s current and future success. TIA is particularly fortunate to have the involvement of leading Australian scientists, medical researchers and administrators. TIA is careful to balance the need to ensure wide representation of the field with preserving a low administration cost. Members receive a rate equivalent to the NH&MRC's sitting rates and committees meet on average two times a year. In this section, each of the divisions will be described as well and their underlying sub-divisions. 

The Board

The Board is comprised of five Non-executive Directors who have held leading positions in industry and within the public sector. For more details regarding the Directors please click here.


The TIA management team consists of four key staff with expertise in different areas. Consultants are occasionally employed to support TIA in its activities. For more information about the management please click here.

Advisory Committees

TIA is fortunate to have some of Australia's most eminent medical researchers and scientists involved in the Advisory Committees. Together these individuals provide strategic advice on pharmaceutical commercialisation, product development capabilities and specific therapeutic research areas. For more details regarding the Chairs and Members in the different committees, please click here.