Drug Screening

Primary Drug Screening

The Eskitis Institute, Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) and The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) provide drug screening services using high-throughput screening (HTS).  All three institutes have automated platforms to perform HTS, while the Eskitis Institute is also home to a national compound management service 

Utilising THD funding the;
•    small molecule screening and the fragment screening libraries will be increased.  These libraries can be accessed for target validation and fragment-based screening.  
•    High-content imaging and detection platforms will be made available at the CCIA
•    WEHI will upgrade it’s surface plasmon resonance capability, a technique used to determine the affinity of small molecule ligands to bind to a protein, which is critical to fragment-based drug design.
•    Eskitis has enhanced automation of the HTS screening to increase through-put

Secondary Drug Screening

Gaining greater insight into molecular interactions in biological systems is fundamental to successful translational development of pharmaceuticals.  At the second stage of drug discovery, cell-based assays are commonly used as they provide functional information and allow for medium throughput.  To facilitate greater capacity in secondary drug screening capability, THD funding will be used to provide;
•    Next-generation cell based assays at MIPS, and
•    Electrophysiological cell-based assay platforms at the Florey Neuroscience Institutes