Nature Bank


For over 20 years, the Eskitis Institute and its partners have established and maintained Nature Bank as the cornerstone of its Drug Discovery programs. Nature Bank is a collection of over 63,000 samples of plants and marine invertebrates from tropical Queensland, Tasmania, China, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, collected in accordance with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Nature Bank is established as a drug discovery resource along Pharma industry lines. We have produced a library of over 200,000 pre-fractionated extracts ready for high throughput screening. We can deliver drug-like fractions/extracts in ready-to-screen plates.

Nature Bank is shared with researchers around the world, who screen the library to find new compounds that could be developed into new drugs. The Eskitis Institute can provide follow-up isolation.

Access and pricing

Nature Bank is available for academic and commercial collaboration.

Previous clients

As of 2014, Nature Bank has been sent to 18 universities, 7 research institutes and 4 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Nature Bank is already being used to search for new drugs for malaria, sleeping sickness, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, stroke, thrombosis, tuberculosis, HIV, Alzheimer's and many others.

Contact information

For further information contact the inventor of Nature Bank:
Professor Ronald J Quinn AM FTSE


For commercial arrangements contact:
Dr Jodi Richards

Business and Engagement Manager

The Eskitis Institute, Griffith University

Don Young Road, Nathan QLD 4111, Australia

Phone: +61 (0)7 3735 6061

Mobile: +61 466 535 800