Pipeline Accelerator 2020-21 (Round 1)

Access the Pipeline

An objective of the Pipeline initiative is to facilitate and encourage access by fee-paying third parties to Pipeline member capabilities. To do this, TIA has developed a voucher-style researcher access scheme - the Pipeline Accelerator.

This round of the Pipeline Accelerator provides SMEs and researchers the access to one or more facilities associated with TIA, including core facilities and HTS centres (see this list of eligible facilities).  

Funding, via a fixed-value reimbursement to the service provider, is intended to further reduce the cost of access to a specific capability.  Projects are assessed by an external panel on the basis of their scientific quality and potential for development of a therapeutic product.

Download the scheme's guidelines and documentation to the right.​

Applications close 31st Oct 2020. 

Pipeline Accelerator Guidelines_2020-21

Pipeline Accelerator Application_2020-21

 Letter of Commencement template_2020-21

 Letter of Completion template_2020-21

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