Pipeline Accelerator

Access the Pipeline

TIA has developed a voucher-style researcher access scheme - the Pipeline Accelerator - to facilitate and encourage access to TIA facilities.


The Pipeline Accelerator provides SMEs and researchers the access to one or more facilities associated with TIA, including core facilities and HTS centres.  

Funding, via a fixed-value reimbursement to the service provider, is intended to further reduce the cost of access to a specific capability.  Projects are assessed by an external panel on the basis of their scientific quality and potential for development of a therapeutic product.

In this round, we are pleased to team up with the Australian Antimicrobial Resistance network (AAMRNet) to provide additional vouchers specifically for projects relevant to the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

All applicants are required to complete and submit the applications online. We strongly advise you to develop the application on the provided template as the form cannot be saved and returned to. 

Refer to the guidelines for information on eligibility, funding levels, co-investment expectations, as well as the application and funding process (with slightly different guidelines for Core facilities and HTS centres).



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The second round of Pipeline Accelerator 2021-22 is now closed.