Pipeline Accelerator FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have separate guidelines for Core facilites and Screening facilities?

Under TIA's budget strategy, vouchers to support project access to screening facilities are funded from a different source than for Core facilities. Also, because library screening generally takes place earlier in the product development process they are assessed slightly differently. In all other respects the documents are identical.

How frequent are the calls?

Calls for vouchers to access both core facilities and screening centres are held every six months, and are planned to close at end of each April and October

How many projects can you support in each round?

We expect to be able to support 5-7 screening centre access vouchers and ~10 core facility access vouchers, depending on application numbers, voucher size and available budget.​

Does TIA or the facility​ have a position in any resulting IP?

TIA does not seek any ownership or beneficial interest in IP resulting from voucher-supported projects. IP arrangements are set by agreements between Provider facilities and Applicants. TIA does not require sight of such agreements.

What if I can't start within six months?

If the project is not ready to start, consider re-applying at the next round, which will be a mximum of six months away. If a project commences but does not start within six months without a reasonable explanation, TIA reserves the right to withdraw the offer after consultation with the Applicant and the Provider.

Why does the Provider facility get the funds and not the Applicant?

TIA has existing working and contractual relationships with Provider facilities, meaning that we can transfer funds quickly without waiting for a legal agreement between Applicants, Providers and TIA. For this reason, we do not seek agreements between Applicants and TIA, but rely on agreements betwen Applicants and Provider facilities.

How can I join this scheme as a Provider facility?

If your facility undertakes work associated with screening of compound libraries for drug discovery, please contact us directly to discuss if your centre is eligible. If your facility offers different services, it is unlikely that you will be eligible, but we would still like to hear from you as part of TIA's remit is to be aware of existing and emerging facilities.

Does co-investment have to be cash?

The voucher scheme is intended to help projects cross the start line, but it is also meant to provide a subsidy - it is not intended to support activities in their entirety. For this reason, some "skin in the game" is required. And while in-kind support is appreciated, the total quoted cost of a service must be covered and this means a cash contribution is required.

What level of co-investment is required?

The ideal level of coinvestment is 1:1, and Applicants should select a voucher value accordingly. There is no maximum level of co-investment, Applicants should bear in mind that more co-investment is not necessarily better, as for example, a $50,000 contribution to a $500,000 project is unlikely to be enabling. Examples:

  1. A facility provides a quote according to TIA access and pricing policies of $60,000 (ex-GST). The *maximum* voucher to select is $30,000. The cash co-investment will be considered to be $30,000, equal to the minimum ratio of 50:50.
    • However, applications that, because of the mathematics of the quote and voucher combination, fall marginally short of 50:50, (e.g. ~45:55) will in most cases be judged eligible. Contact us if this applies to your project.
  2. A facility provides a quote according to TIA access and pricing policies of $120,000 (ex-GST). The most appropriate voucher to select is the maximum value of $50,000. The cash co-investment will be considered to be $70,000, exceeding the minimum ratio of 50:50.

Can I receive two vouchers for the same project at different times?

Applicants may apply for multiple vouchers to support the same project in subsequent rounds, accessing the same or a different facility.

Can I access two different facilities with the same voucher?

Absolutely, the guidelines and application form allow for this.

Do I need to contact the Provider facility before applying for a voucher?

Yes. It will be assumed that the application has been developed in close consultation with a Provider facility, and a quote for services a required part of the application. We expect a high level of alignment between the content, duration and timing detailed in your application with the quoted services from the Provider facility.

I received a voucher but due to changed circumstances I want to use it on a different project with the same Provider facility.  Is this allowable?

No, vouchers are awarded to support specific projects and cannot be transferred. If this happens please contact us.

Is there anywhere I can get advice about which Provider Facility may best be able to assist me?

That is what we are here for. Please contact TIA directly and we will be happy to advise you which of our facilities may be able to assist you. Alternatively, please consult the Pipeline Navigator.

Can I apply for a voucher to access a facility that sits in my own University, Faculty or Institute?

Yes, but you will need to articulate why you require voucher support to access a facility within your own organisation.

I am a Facility Director. Can I be named in a voucher application to my own facility?

You can be named in a project team but cannot be named as the lead applicant.

Is the information in my application kept confidential?

Yes, information provided in every application (including unsuccessful applications) and report will be kept commercial-in-confidence by default. We will not publish the project outcomes without your consent.