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Sovereign Biologics Capability for Translational Research

TIA seeks public comment on development of existing and future research infrastructure to support Australian Sovereign Biologics and Vaccine Development capability.


To this end, TIA has internally identified several high-level research infrastructure capability gaps in the Australian therapeutic development infrastructure that are particularly acute in the biologics field, including:

  1. Formulation expertise

  2. Phase I-enabling non-mammalian production platforms

  3. Accessible pilot-scale fill and finish capacity

  4. Nationally-harmonised QC testing for product release

Our hope in receiving your input to this survey is to a) explore these capability gaps, and/or b) learn what you feel are the technical capability and capacity gaps of Australia’s NRI. We plan to follow-up with respondents with service offerings/solutions or capacity (current or planned) to address these gaps as we plan upcoming budget cycles.

The survey will close on 15th October 2021.