TIA Values Diversity and Equity

Life science and biomedical research enjoys a more favourable gender balance and diversity profile than many other sectors, but as roles become more senior this balance markedly shifts to favour men over women and marginalised groups. As a major source of funding for employment of biomedical research support and technical staff, TIA takes seriously its responsibility to contribute to an appropriate gender balance and a culture of inclusion at all levels of seniority across the sector.

TIA's staff and Board have agreed to abide by the following principles:

  • We pledge to increase the visibility and contribution of women leaders, as well as those from under-represented communities or groups, in public and professional forums

  • We will make our commitment known

  • We will actively encourage diverse voices and will encourage others to take-up a Panel Pledge

  • We will honour the Panel Pledge when invited to speak by raising the issue of diversity when the opportunity arises

This pledge is made with the endorsement of the Board and Staff of Therapeutic Innovation Australia Ltd

This pledge is adapted from material from the Champions of Change coalition website. TIA has provided staff with guidance on responding to requests to speak at public events to courteously ask questions on the diversity and gender balance of the panel or program.

Please contact us to discuss this pledge or other issues of equity and diversity relating to biomedical and life sciences research.