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The capabilities within the TIA Consortium are also accessible to researchers from SMEs and pharmaceutical companies.

  • To find the right facility, contact us or browse the Pipeline Navigator.

  • To apply for a voucher to subsidise cost of access by iup to $50,000, visit the Pipeline Accelerator page.

  • For advice on hit development if small molecule compounds, try the APHID service.

  • To access free generic quality system documents, visit iQDOCs.

  • Access to facilities in the TIA Consortium and pricing of services is specific to each facility and guided by our access and pricing policy


Apply for subsidised access to

TIA facilities

Reading a Compass

Find the right facility using our online map of the Australian drug R&D pipeline

Image by National Cancer Institute

Tailored expert advice on development of hit compounds from library screening


Free download of generic documents to aid development of quality systems