Melbourne EpiCentre

The Melbourne EpiCentre is a collaborative research centre of the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health embedded within the Royal Melbourne Hospital. It is an academic centre of excellence with research, education, health care quality and safety, and organisation-improvement agenda. The goal of the centre is to promote and run high quality clinical, non-clinical and biostatistical methodological studies, both locally and internationally.

Melbourne EpiCentre is a National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) funded facility, with expertise in the planning, design, data management, statistical and clinical reporting of clinical trials, conforming to FDA requirements and industry standards.


The EpiCentre is leading several early and late phase clinical trials and clinical epidemiological projects with large primary and ambulatory care databases from the US and UK. The EpiCentre also provides study design, data management and biostatistical support for diverse research groups across the University and Melbourne Health, as well as providing analytical support for data relating to health care services quality and safety.

Contact:  Prof Sanjoy Paul

Email: (inquiries)

Phone:  + 61 (0)3 9342 8772