Molecular Pathology Laboratory

The facility at Peter Mac is fully integrated into the largest cancer specific NATA-accredited molecular pathology laboratory supported by 8 pathologists and 35 molecular pathology scientists. The facility is able to offer state-of-the-art protein, RNA and DNA molecular pathology services providing high throughput routine diagnostic molecular services on multiple test platforms including massive parallel sequencing, to supporting patient care, basic and clinical research with particular emphasis on ancillary biomarker studies in small and large-scale clinical trials. In partnership with collaborators the facility can design clinical grade tumour specific assays for tumour profiling, and prepare of large number of samples for molecular assays through high-throughput automation. 

The facility holds ISO 15189:2007 and NATA accreditation of genetic testing, molecular genetics, predictive genetic testing, pharmacogenetic testing, genetic testing for mosaic gene variants, assay for a defined mutation or polymorphism, next generation sequencing

Contact:  Prof Stephen Fox


Phone:  +61 (0)3 9656 1515