Pipeline Accelerator 2017-18 funding outcomes

Round 1

Opened: 21st December 2017

Closed: 26th February 2018

Awards made:

Dr Natalie Borg, Monash University
Project title: A broad-spectrum antiviral target and anticancer target

Capability provider: Compounds Australia

Dr Christopher J Burns, Metabloq Pty Ltd

Project title: High Throughput Screening of Compound Libraries against a Novel Cancer Metabolism Drug Target

Capability provider: ACRF Drug Discovery Centre for Childhood Cancer

Dr Glen Carter, Peter Doherty Institute/ BioCurate

Project title: Development of Novel Gut-Targeted Antibiotics for the Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens

Capability provider: Australian Translational Medicinal Chemistry Facility

Prof. Rajiv Khanna, QIMR Berghofer

Project title: The establishment of a repository of in vitro-expanded T cells for the treatment of viral complications in transplant recipients

Capability provider: Q-Gen Cell Therapies

Dr Guy Krippner, Baker IDI

Project title: Novel Receptor Agonists for difficult to treat chronic illness

Capability provider: Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation and Australian Translational Medicinal Chemistry Facility

Prof. Charles Mackay, Monash University
Project title: Developing an agonistic antibody
Capability provider: Monash Antibody Technologies Facility

Dr Susie Nilson, CSIRO

Project title: Toxicology and pharmacokinetic profiling of a stem cell mobilisation agent

Capability provider: Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation and Centre for Integrated Preclinical Drug Development

Prof. Spencer Williams, University of Melbourne

Project title: Pharmacokinetics and distribution of novel non-steroidal asthma drugs

Capability provider: Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation

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