23 June 2019

Press release

Therapeutic Innovation Australia announces launching of Pipeline Accelerator scheme to support high throughput screening

Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) is pleased to announce the opening of the latest round of its Pipeline Accelerator scheme, which will focus on support for High Throughput Screening for small molecule drug discovery.

The Australian Therapeutic Pipeline (the “Pipeline”) is an initiative of TIA to highlight the depth and breadth of Australian translational medical research capabilities. An objective of the Pipeline initiative is to enable researchers and industry (including SMEs) to access key translational research capabilities. This can leverage public sector investment in such capabilities and reduce duplication. To aid in this objective, TIA has developed a voucher-style researcher access scheme - the Pipeline Accelerator.

This round of the scheme will focus on supporting meritorious projects specifically related to drug discovery through screening of small molecule libraries against drug targets. Researchers from academia and industry are invited to apply for a voucher to reduce the cost of accessing one or more of a network of screening centres across the country. The projects can encompass pre-screening assay development, library screening and/or hit validation post-screening. 

Potential projects will be identified via an open call. Applications must seek to access an eligible screening centre and the application must be made with this centre’s involvement and agreement. Funding, via fixed-value grant of either multiples of $5,000 + GST (capped at $20,000 + GST) or $50,000 + GST, will be provided directly to the screening centre at project commencement, allowing this cost saving to be passed to the applicant.

Dr Stuart Newman, CEO of TIA, said: “We are delighted to open this round of the Pipeline Accelerator scheme that focusses on high throughput screening. Screening of libraries of compounds remains an important strategy for discovering starting points for developing small molecule drugs, and we look forward to this scheme enabling a raft of promising new therapeutic development projects.”

The scheme closes at 5pm (AEST) on Friday November 15th. For more information and to download the guidelines, visit: www.therapeuticinnovation.com.au/accelerator

About TIA

Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) is a leading not-for-profit research infrastructure organisation that has received funding under the Australian Department of Education and Training’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) since 2008. TIA manages investment in hard and soft infrastructure to enable external access to key translational research capabilities, thereby enabling and accelerating translation of research discoveries towards clinical testing. To do this, TIA invests NCRIS funds in a consortium of capabilities that provide the translational benefits via state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and highly trained and experienced technical staff.


For more information, please contact:

Email: s.newman@therapeuticinnovation.com.au

Web: www.therapeuticinnovation.com.au

Twitter: @TIA_Aust

Mobile: 040 2345 736

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