Invitation to participate in the "ldeas Jam: Industry engagement"

Through various stakeholder consultation exercises undertaken as part of the process for the development of the 2021 NRI Roadmap, including a recently conducted survey, meetings and other discussion forums, barriers to industry engagement was identified as an important issue to be addressed.

Earlier this year, the 2021 Roadmap Team ran Ideas Jams with the NCRIS community as part of the ongoing Roadmap consultation processes. Featured below are some ideas on improving connections between NRI and industry.

  • Providing industry voucher programs to access NRI and visit facilities to increase visibility, and relationship to similar initiatives supported by state and territory governments.

  • Establishing a “broker/facilitator” role, either inside each facility or as a separate structure representing all NRI, to be the point of contact for industry and partners engagement with NRI, as well as promotion and communication strategies.

  • Creating online platforms like a “research capability/facility navigator” to help industry to get information and connect with research sector (e.g. Canadian model Research Facilities Navigator (

  • Creating frameworks to better integrate and standardise NRI to make it easier and safer for industry to engage.

Despite the success of NCRIS facilities in pivoting their operations to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19, there are still areas of improvement to foster and enable greater collaboration between the research and industry sectors in Australia.

As part of the broader stakeholder consultation process for the 2021 NRI Roadmap, Industry Engagement Ideas Jams, an online consultation platform, will be launched starting 23rd August until 3rd September. This round of Ideas Jam will focus on ways to improve industry collaboration.

TIA strongly encourages the therapeutic development industry players to share your thoughts on how to foster more industry engagement and research translation.

To join the Ideas Jam, you will need to be a registered user of the 2021 Roadmap Ideas Jam platform.