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Small Molecules

Available expertise

High Throughput Screening

We support a network of high throughput screening centres for small molecule drug discovery via Pipeline Accelerator. Capabilities supported include pre-screening assay development, library screening and/or hit validation post-screening. 

Medicinal Chemistry

The Australian Translational Medicinal Chemistry Facility (ATMCF) provides support for early stage medicinal chemistry-led drug discovery.  ATMCF also provides expertise in high-throughput screening (HTS) hit selection, fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD), structure-based drug design and SAR guided optimization. 

TIA also invests in two initiatives under the Small Molecules Capability. The initiatives are:

Australian Lead Identification Consortium (ALIDC)  Library

TIA subsidises access to >200,000 compounds ALIDC screening library stored at Compounds Australia. Pipeline Accelerator provides additional subsidy to access ALIDC compound library. 

Action plan for hit identification (APHID) Capability

TIA supports APHID, the hit triage expert group located within ATMCF, to assess the potential of hits identified following high-throughput screening campaigns.

FROM DISCOVERY TO THE CLINIC : Steering the innovation pipeline from research discovery to therapeutics

Key messages:

  • It is never too early to reach out to the facilities within TIA’s Small Molecules Capability for advice on making the transition from research to development.


  • Early engagement with TIA or one of the facilities will enable you to leverage their significant expertise and expedite your translation to clinical development.


  • Understanding the process and the fact that you don’t have to do it all yourself will maximise the chances of success.

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