TGA Education and Training

As part of the Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods

Administration (TGA) safeguards and enhances the health

of the Australian community through effective and timely

regulation of therapeutic goods. They carry out a range of assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard with the aim of ensuring that the Australian community has access, within a reasonable time, to therapeutic advances.

Therapeutic goods regulation and legislation can be challenging to navigate. Therefore, TGA is committed to delivering a range of educational materials for sponsors, health professionals and consumers. Many of the priority areas for education relate to reforms implemented following the Expert Panel Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation (MMDR).


In addition, TGA also developed SME Assist, a  targeted program dedicated to engage with and help SMEs, researchers, start-ups and those unfamiliar with regulation to understand the regulatory and legislative obligations in Australia. SME Assist provides access to articles, interactive tools and training sessions on the overviews of pathways and market authorisation as well as guidance on engaging with the TGA in both pre-market applications and post-market monitoring of products.