The Australian Therapeutic Pipeline


Finding one quality facility can be difficult, finding all the facilities needed for your drug development has until now been onerous.


The Australian Therapeutic Pipeline is a group of facilities and providers that span the full spectrum of expert capabilities necessary to assist the translation of research outcomes from the laboratory bench to clinical testing.


The consortium includes high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, molecular pathology, GMP manufacture of proteins and cell therapies, preclinical testing and clinical trial capabilities and includes facilities supported by other NCRIS projects.

TIA also seeks to add value to Australia’s public-funded therapeutic development community through support initiatives such as:

  • Pipeline Navigator –  a group of Australian facilities active in the development of therapies. Navigator is built based on an internal database known as ATRAX. Check the Navigator to discover these facilities. 

  • iQDOCs - a world-first open-access source of generic documents to aid in developing quality systems for translational research


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