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TIA has been working with partner global translational research infrastructure organisations since September 2017 to develop a Global Translational Research Consortium known as Translation Together.


Translation Together is a collaboration of leading translational research organisations from the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, the UK and the European Union. Collectively, we leverage our complementary scientific and operational strengths, our shared insight of the challenges facing translation, and our collective voice to advance the science and understanding of biomedical translation.

Translational science is a new field with boundless promise to transform biomedical research and medicine. Understanding the translational process will provide a foundation for more science-driven, predictive and effective development of treatment and prevention strategies for all diseases. 

Members of Translation Together have recently collaborated to answer the question: "What makes a translational scientist?". This resulted in a vision of the ideal translational scientist that encompasses seven important characteristics (see below), and was published in ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science.

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